I have had a passion for music and songwriting throughout most of my life, specifically early adulthood. I started getting into recording and producing demos of my own songs while I was in college. One summer, I was given a Focusrite interface by Patrick Sexton, who is a friend and former work colleague of my oldest brother Jason, who has experience with sound engineering, mixing, and producing. Plus, Patrick helped download and register a license for a version of Avid ProTools, which is a computer program for recording, mixing, and producing music, onto my laptop that was fortunately not too expensive. It was really cool that I was actually able to write and record songs that came from melodies that would just pop in my head.

Some nights I would stay up very late whenever a new song melody would appear that I would not want to forget. And so right as I was about to go to bed, and a new melody would enter my head, I would immediately write down the tabs for the guitar and bass parts on a sheet of paper or type them in my notes app on my phone, so I could have them saved and further expand on that melody the following day or weekend, as long as my brain was fresh. There was a time when it took me hours to complete a whole guitar part all because I was composing the actual port while I was recording instead of doing it ahead of time. That would happen sometimes because I like to experiment with certain melodies whenever I record, and I would just want to have alternative options for melodies, just in case a melody that I would record at least more than once, would sound better than how it sounded when it was recorded previously.

These songs are not finished, nor do they have titles or themes, which is why they currently have working titles. I came up with some themes or concepts for some of these songs while I was recording them, although some of the songs currently do not have meaning to them. For example, the overarching idea for Song_9-28-19 at the time was “not being able to cover your tracks once you know you’ve done something wrong and want to get away, no matter how hard you try”. Plus, I wanted to give the song some heavy vibes after listening to Sleeping With Sirens’ newest release “How It Feels to Be Lost”, which came out on September 6th, and is a return to their heavy roots. Even Song_4-8-20 had a theme during the recording process, which was missing a friend who lives on the other side of the country and having the song title be “Coast to Coast”.

Anyway, it is astounding what I have written, recorded, and produced so far, even though everything is a demo and is not official. Plus, one of the mindsets I had while I was recording each of these songs was to re-record them professionally, once I form a band and get signed to a label, so they could sound better.